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San Diego mafia in the 1950s used slayings to enforce rules

Honest-to-God crooks with blood on their hands

If you think nothing happened here in the 1950s, consider this. “Willie the Rat" Cammisano from Kansas City settled in Kensington on Lymer Drive. Momo Adamo from Los Angeles by way of Kansas City and ...

The Secret Life of Plants author admits error

Plants have no central nervous system and no pain

Matt: Do plants feel pain? — Marcos, San Diego Mankind has tried, mankind has failed to prove that lettuce shrieks in pain when we tear it up for salad. Peter Tompkins started all this in ...

McGrory and San Diego city council celebrate in stadium skybox

Bulldozers rev up, champagne guzzled

As an army of bulldozers, pile drivers, and concrete cutting machines massed outside the gates of San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium a week ago Monday night, the city attorney, city manager, and a few lucky ...

How Do You Keep Warm at Night?

On University Ave. between Christmas and New Year's

If you think of the homeless at all — aside from how to avoid them or that daily mini-moral crisis as to whether to give them spare change or not — it may strike you ...

Cute cockroach babies — and how they die

On their backs

Matmail: Are cockroaches cute when they are babies? Perhaps a better way to phrase it is, are they smaller? Smoother? Less likely to make eye contact? I see various sizes around San Diego sometimes in ...

San Diego city council pooh-poohs stadium expansion signatures

Nixon tape detailing San Diego GOP convention deal released

The battle over whether San Diego voters will get a say in approval of that stadium expansion deal with the Chargers is getting hotter, and local lawyers and campaign consultants are said to be lining ...

A very San Diego story involving Kerouac and Dostoyevsky

Nietzsche should have died in that VW

“Look what’s changed in the last two months. Eric died. We barely escaped a nuclear war. By June, Kennedy might attack Cuba, and the Russians could retaliate by invading Hollywood. Bonanza could be in Russian.”

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