Content for Thursday, October 17, 1996

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Michael Schudson and the start of UCSD communications department

Everybody thinks the media is Superman, but it's really Clark Kent.

Ground zero for Professor Michael Schudson is his office on the UCSD campus. What appears to be a den of isolation is in fact an intellectual Grand Central Station. But the molecules bouncing around this ...

Handwriting analysis and your geographic origins

Cheery in Elyria and gloomy in Duluth?

Dear Matthew: Does handwriting have an accent? I mean, can graphoanalysts tell where you’re from by your writing? — Brian Bosque, San Diego Figure people from the South form big, slow, loopy letters? New Yorkers ...

What to do with Salton Sea now

Is it time to pull the plug?

Was it a coincidence this summer when 8000 tilapia-loving pelicans, including the endangered brown pelican, suddenly died on the beaches of the Salton Sea, the biggest pelican die-off in recorded U.S. history?

SDG&E hoses down their lines

The dust and junk that build up can cause an arc

Matthew Alice: A while ago I saw a high-powered hose being sprayed on high-voltage electric line harnesses. Is this bad? I also saw heavy cables being laid into the concrete at Lindbergh Field in a ...

Televangelists and big hair

It worked for Dolly Parton

Matthew Alice: What is the correlation between all these Christian ministry TV shows and their exaggerated hairdos, outlandish way of dress, and bordello-like sets (i.e., Tammy Faye and the lady with the pink hair)? Does ...

Men's bathroom reading habits

It's a bigger event than for the ladies

Matthew Alice: I was in the ladies’ room at work recently when a few of us began discussing why it is that men have the peculiar habit of taking reading material (magazines, newspapers) into the ...