Content for Thursday, May 23, 1996

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Dolphins kill San Diego's tuna industry

Flipper victorious

Many of the older generation think that the dolphin activists “ruined a beautiful industry.” Some think it was a big mistake not to publicly and legally challenge Sam LaBudde and the Earth Island Institute.

The unbelievability of a sacrifice fly

At least the batter is not charged with a time at bat,

Dear Matthew Alice: Let’s talk baseball. I cannot bring myself to buy the concept of the “sacrifice fly.” Personally, I believe they are all failed home run attempts, though you’d never get a true believer ...

You could live for four years on the cheese in a supermarket

Unless you die of boredom

To: Matmail: Here’s an easy one (I think). How long will the food in an average supermarket last a person if he were unfortunate enough to be locked inside until he starved or dehydrated? Will ...

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