Content for Thursday, March 14, 1996

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Rita Bronowski recalls her life in the sun.

Stranded in La Jolla

The English-Speaking Union, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Planned Parenthood are among other groups that Rita has helped out. “I even had a big Clinton party here. I think he let us all down, don’t you?”

San Diego's Woodmen of the World

Discovered at Pioneer Park graves in Mission Hills

Matmail: At the old Pioneer Cemetery, or what's left of it, in Mission Hills there are several headstones with “Woodmen of the World” engraved on them. The Woodmen emblem sports crossed axes on a tree ...

Those babies listed in credits for Toy Story

23 born during film's production

Dear M. A.: My friend Ernie says the list of “Production Babies” in the credits for Toy Story refers to all the kids born during the production of the film. I think it lists the ...

Virgin wool — straight from the animal

That cashmere scarf may be made of yak hair

To Matmail: The boys and I in the sheet metal shop were trying to determine the difference between virgin and regular wool. What gives? — Mike Malone, [email protected] The royal family had Princess Di inspected ...

Ocean Beach motor homers – gypsies with sand between their toes

“It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. Bikinis...”

Although Wolfman’s rig is registered, he has no insurance. “I drive real slow and careful.... I don’t even want to talk about it. You talk about the devil, and he’ll be knocking at your door.”