Content for Thursday, May 25, 1995

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Who uses hospice care in San Diego

Grief is like carbon monoxide

When someone dies in the state of California, we know, or can find out, what would seem to be everything we might want to know about the event: the place, date, and time of death; ...

The uselessness of toilet seat covers

Put 'em on your head

Dear Matthew Alice: Regarding those thin, tissue-like toilet seat liners. Printed on the box that holds them it says, “Provided by the management for your protection.’’ Other than butt grime, what can and do these ...

Breathe Right's help for deviated septum

Why all those jocks wear 'em

Dear Matthew Alice: Those funky nose clips all the athletes are wearing— wots the deal? Is there a proven medical benefit, or is this good old-fashioned American marketing (i.e., lies) at work? I’ve heard they ...

The scoring of American football explained

Go back to 1870s and British Rugby Union regulations

Matt: In all my years of watching football, I’ve never heard anyone explain why a touchdown is worth six points, a field goal three, a point-after one. Who came up with this screwy scoring method, ...

Coronado prom night – is this for real?

Hey, Bay-bee

I never thought anyone would respond to the flier. The suit is ugly, the flower looks more appropriate for a funeral, and I’m posting with a 32-ounce can of Miller, Buttafuocco style. I’m every high ...