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Encyclopedia Britannica tries to catch up in La Jolla

Electronic heaven

There is a room in La Jolla office building that is so banal yet so significant that it merits a pilgrimage. The building is at the bottom of the hill crowned by the VA Hospital, ...

Why earth's air moves faster than earth itself

A chance to avoid gobbledygook

Dear Matt: I posed this question to a TV meteorologist (not in California), and all I got was a lot of gobbledygook that didn’t answer my question, which follows. Relative to the sun, our earth ...

Neil Morgan biography of Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss) skipped the dark side.

Critics pan Green Morgan and Ham

Longtime followers of the Union-Tribune and its predecessor, the Evening Tribune, are familiar with the gentle musings of ex-Trib editor Neil Morgan, and the way he pulls his punches for what he calls the “friends” ...

The danger of swallowing toothpaste

Children more at risk due to flouride

Why does my tube of toothpaste say not to swallow any, and what would happen if I ate a whole tube? — Mr. Chuck Jones, P.B. Smear it on toast, add a shot of Scope ...

Jewel started playing to drunks when she was eight

I think angels, personally

Suggest to a 20-year-old that she might be naive, and you’re likely to get your head chewed off. Ask Jewel Kilcher how she got signed to a major label and she answers, “I think angels, ...

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