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Alexander Theroux's grammar of rock and roll

Hincty, Zoo-Zoos, Whuppin’, Juicehead, Hamfat, Gleeby, Mogatin’, Motorvatin’, Licin’ Stick, Jelly Roll, Scronch, Poppa-Stoppa, Dicty, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Good Booty, Shag on Down, and Meekin’

Parsing the demon-tongue of shake-your-groove-thang-ism.

"Hell in a handbasket" came from "Heaven in a handbasket"

The move from Midwest to East Coast

Dear Matthew: Where the heck did the phrase “going to hell in a handbasket” come from? It doesn’t make sense to us and has been bad for business. — Handbasket Makers of America, La Jolla ...

What saves flies in my car

Air inside vehicle is also traveling at 65 mph

Dear Matthew Alice: Say I trap a fly in my car when I go down the highway doing 65 mph. Why doesn’t the fly get smashed against the back window, assuming flies can’t fly 65 ...

Popcorn smells — real and fake

One of the biggest fake-smell markets is the microwaved-food industry

To Whom It May Concern: Why can the smell of popped popcorn, whether popped fresh or burnt, be smelled farther away than other foods? Is there a fact behind this question, or is it just ...

DNA: San Diego's tiniest snitch

How did your blood get inside the victim's body?

“People don’t realize that when they’re hitting somebody, blood transfers onto whatever they’re using — not the first time, but by the time you come back like this” — he mimes a baseball bat coming down on a skull.

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