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Golden Hill gangs, winter in Korean War, concentration camp to Del Cerro

Travelers through the underworld

SOME HORRORS CANNOT BE IMAGINED, and when told, barely comprehended. Only those who have lived with murders of the flesh and spirit or faced absolute evil can know the terror. Three San Diegans have such ...

The hair of the dog and hangovers

if you’re in alcohol withdrawal, a shot of alcohol is exactly what your body craves

Dear Matt: Why does “the hair of the dog” theory work for hangovers, and where did the expression come from? — Dog-bit Don, El Paso, TX Howdy, stranger. Take that homespun theory to its logical ...

How people used to tell time

The importance of Greenwich in 1883

Matthew Alice: When did we start using time zones, and before time had a phone number, how did we know what time it was? — Jamie, El Cajon Since 1883 the world has had 24 ...

No Cal-OSHA rules on black light

Assure Ms. Hot Date that she’s at greater risk shopping at the mall

Dear Matthew Alice: Last weekend I went with my significant other to one of those night entertainment spots where they have quite a few of those "black,lights,” the ones that give off a purplish glow ...

Pre-med student killed outside Bayou, Virginia Beach dance club

Death fated by SEALs

On the last night of her life, Jennifer Lea Evans didn’t want to leave the party. She was drawn to the good-looking Navy SEAL. So she told her girlfriends to go on while she stayed ...

Pearl Jam's self-inflicted hassles from trying to tour without Ticketmaster

At least they’ll still have the recording studio

This is not precisely about music. Rather, it’s about a strange swamp our love of music seems to drag us into, the sticky question of our relationship with the rock star. “I wanna die wasted, ...

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