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Ishmael Reed describes MLA confab in San Diego

Culture war or hoax?

Last year, professor and poet Lorenzo Thomas of the University of Houston—Downtown informed me that two of my novels, Mumbo Jumbo and Reckless Eyeballing, would be subjects of a panel during the 110th annual convention ...

How mosquito repellant works

DOD comes to the aid of smoke, citronella, pennyroyal

Sefior Mateo: Back in Boy Scouts, we had this ongoing debate about why exactly bugs hated bug repellent. Some claimed it was the smell. Others claimed it was the taste. Still others that it created ...

Quilts of Silence: Hands All Around, Courthouse Steps, Tumbling Blocks, Joseph's Coat

Feathered world without end

The names of quilts are like children’s games that are played with a loop of string: Feathered World without End, Hands All Around, Courthouse Steps, Tumbling Blocks, Joseph’s Coat. Some quilters, including Reggie, know the names at a glance.

Jack's island: jewel of Barrio Logan

Originally neighbored by citrus groves, orchid greenhouses, sanitariums, and the Sweetwater Racetrack

Now painted a deep, electric blue-green with bright white trim, the shabby clapboard structure is partly uninhabitable and deserted, though a beauty parlor on the ground floor remains in business and pays its rent to the city.

Why some criminals are sentenced to a year and a day

And what conscientious objectors had to do with it

Hello, Straight: I'd like you to find a legal reference to what I think/believe/have been told. When a person is sentenced in the U.S. to be in jail for more than one year, automatically that ...

Where zero came from

Mayans vs. Arabs

Oh, Great Enlightened One: Who, pray tell, invented the zero? I have heard, through the movie Stand and Deliver, that the Mayans invented it. Several engineers I work with claim that the zero is Arabic. ...

Nico – girl in the mind garden

Rock-n-roll's spookiest and sexiest chick

A little-known fact: Jackson Browne was once a member of the Velvet Underground. Not really. But not far off. I have a correspondent in Tokyo, a magazine editor, who tells me that the current crop ...

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