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Dalton's Luck: A San Diego Mystery

An unpublished novel about the Mexican border

The assassins spotted Dalton Lee in the Miami airport. Later after it was all over, he'd remember that moment when they locked eyes and he smiled like he smiled at everyone. Often he would doubt ...

Who Juan de Fuca Straits was named after

A Northwest Passage boaster

Dear Mr. Alice: I’ve sailed the Straits often enough to know most of the snags and shallows. I also spent some time in La Casa de Contratacion de Sevilla poring through Columbus reliquiae to gain ...

San Diegans' first cars: Susan Golding, Nick Reynolds, Sandy Dijkstra, Bob Dale

Training wheels

For me, first car was my parents’ car, a 1958 Hilman Lynx. This thing was a squat, 35-horsepower English import the size of a VW bug, except square. It had the aerodynamics of a grocery ...

D-Day and eggplant

The name explanations are so simple you won't be happy

Dear Matthew Alice: A question and a puzzlement: What does the D in D-Day stand for? Why is the eggplant called an eggplant when it has neither the shape nor the color of any egg ...

Everything you always dreaded to know about nursing

What the ghost in white shoes is thinking

The father who abandoned Rashaad and his mother when Rashaad was three months old was watching that channel in a neighborhood bar. Hours later, Melvin Green showed up in the pediatric intensive care unit.

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