Content for Thursday, November 10, 1994

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A literary peeping Tom At UCSD

The debris of what you really do

Among Schuyler’s papers at UCSD, I happened upon a file marked “Eileen Myles.” The folder consisted mostly of postcards and hand-written notes attached to manuscripts she’d given Schuyler to read. Finally I spied a two-page letter.

The red dye on twenty-dollar bills

Dye is applied to bills during counting and wrapping

Dear Matthew Alice: I just borrowed another 20 bucks from my dad. The 20 in question has red dye along one edge. Was it involved in a bank robbery—you know, exploding dye packs and all? ...

Chocolate covered cherries, Dutch chocolate, and M&Ms

Cocoa is just chocolate with most of the fatty cocoa butter removed

Dear Matthew: My favorite candy is chocolate-covered cherries. But I can't figure out how they make them. Do they cover the cherry with chocolate and then squirt the juice in somehow? Do they make the ...

Sweet-and-sour pork-u-pines...

What potlucks told about our Episcopal church

“Oh, my gosh, look at all this food!” And, “I always look forward to Mrs. Cummer’s lovely pea-and-baby-onion salad!” and “I can’t help but want more than my share of Mrs. Gibbons’ cheddar biscuits!”