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San Diego, Texas

Our tiny, Southern namesake and its vast, luminous sky

Our namesake lies due west of Corpus Christi, past flat miles of sorghum, wheat and cotton fields, and towns with shops smelling of blood that, for pennies per pounds, will butcher the deer you shot ...

P.B. Nights: Does Racism Reign?

Pacific Beach, some say, is becoming an increasingly racist place. White gangs like P.B. Vurmin (sic?) have sprung up in the western end of the community, as if to counter the growing presence of blacks ...

Cloud nine explanations

Aristophanes, Dante, and your everyday meterologist

Dear Matthew Alice: When we're feeling good, why do we say we’re on cloud 9? What about clouds I through 8? Could things ever get so good that we'd be on cloud 10 or 12? ...

The reality of witch's tit

Your boyfriend is not alone

Dear Matthew Alice: I thought my new boyfriend was shy because he wouldn’t take off his shirt for the first five months we were dating. Then I learned the reason. He has a diminutive nipple ...

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