Content for Thursday, January 20, 1994

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God, Christ, Satan, or Con?

San Diegans Worship a Miracle Man

It is like baking a cake. I stir, I knead, I pound, I twist, I bake you. I drawn you in tears I scorch you in sobs. I make you a sweet and crisp, an ...

Hair and nails of dead bodies seem to grow

A biochemical and bacterial fiesta for the most part

Dear Matthew Alice: My co-worker and I are having a friendly discussion. It’s my understanding that after a person dies, their hair and nails continue to grow, at least for a short time. My co-worker ...

Why you get a cold in cold weather

It's the germs, stupid

Dear Matthew (Doc) Alice: My Frau is a recent transplant from Germany. She believes that the frequent temperature swings we experience in San Diego’s autumn (often compelling her to add or remove extra clothing several ...

Jamul Residents Wage Indian Blood Battle over Gaming Site

San Diego anthropologist Dr. Florence Shipek enlisted by tribe.

The Jamul tribe announced it had entered into a preliminary management agreement with Station Casinos, Inc., of Las Vegas. Company officials said the gaming center would initially feature high-stakes bingo, off-track betting, and pull tabs