Content for Thursday, August 11, 1994

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The Green Flash explained

Just before the sun disappears

Dear Matthew Alice: A few weeks back I wandered over to the cliffs by the Toney Pines Glider Port to watch the sun set over the ocean. Just as the upper edge of the sun ...

A question about H.R. Puff-N-Stuff

The answer is Freddie the Flute

Dear Matthew Alice: I sure hope you can help me in my quest. For quite a while now I’ve been trying to come up with the name of a fictional character from about 13 to ...

The most effective cockroach poison

Try a gecko

Dear Matthew Alice: Please help! Roaches are everywhere. I have used everything to try to get rid of them in my house, but nothing works. I remember about two years ago you mentioned something about ...

San Diego medical examiners examine the grossness of dead bodies

Doctors after the fact

Boyer’s and Bailey’s bodies lay quiet in the sun; time hadn’t passed for muscles to stiffen, and limbs were still limp. Bailey — six or seven holes in his neck and torso — had gurgled ...

Ramona Then, Ramona Now, part 5

North County native brings Helen Hunt Jackson to her hometown

Saturday, November 14, 1992. Mi hija Shawn’s 29th birthday. [Ramon] traces for me the course of the underground river. It flows directly under your house he says. How can you tell? He becomes fierce like ...

Let’s Be Friends

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