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Behind the scenes at the San Diego Opera

When the flowers continued to misbehave

One of the first things I do, whenever I’m lucky enough to find myself wandering about backstage at the Civic Theatre during the San Diego Opera season, is check the Bullshitometer. This is a semicircular ...

A beach-blanket Lolita remembers the '70s.

Seaside tutorial

A beach is a good place for not thinking. There’s no work at a beach. Everyone’s there to hang out. Normal rules of life are suspended. That makes the beach safe, in a weird way. ...

Why newspapers tear the same way

And tongues of shoes slipping to the outside

Dear Matthew Alice: Why does a newspaper tear straight vertically, but not horizontally? Also, why do the tongues of tennis shoes always slip over to the outer side of the shoes when you wear them? ...

Head scratching, eyebrow furrowing, chin stroking

They represent frustrated aggression

Dear Matthew Alice, Why is it, when people can't answer a question, they reflexively scratch their heads, as if it helps them think? Can scratching your head really improve your ability to answer any simple ...

Where tides eventually go

Two troughs are created between the tidal bulges.

Dear Matthew Alice, When the tide goes out, where does it go? — Jennifer in P.B. You were expecting maybe the movies? Dancing? Well, strictly speaking the tide doesn’t go in and out so much ...

Cleveland National Forest Is now nation's top reefer hotspot

Pot growers chased from Northern Calif.

“Each marijuana plant produces about a pound of pot, and according to LaNier, a pound of top-grade marijuana now costs between $3000 and $6000. “That’s why they don’t like people showing up at their gardens.”

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