Content for Thursday, April 21, 1994

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Queer San Diego

Tony Zampella's version

I WAS FIRED FROM MY OWN NEWSPAPER! The paper I had started less than a year before had just terminated me in a most humiliating way. As I sat in my bedroom two weeks after ...

The truth behind Heinz 57 varieties

Not 57 ketchups, stupid

Dear Matthew Alice: On a bottle of Heinz ketchup it says there are “57 varieties.” What are the other 56? — Dave R., San Diego I can only hope that Matthew Alice doesn’t have to ...

The power and uniqueness of National Geographic

Unethical to throw a copy away

Dear M.A. and His Research Slaves: Why is it that you can't buy the magazine National Geographic in any stores? How much do you think one of my mother-in-law’s old National Geographics from the '60s ...

British driving on the left side of the road

The left tradition started with Pope Boniface

I’ve just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas. After almost killing myself and my girlfriend while driving, I began to wonder why there and in England, etc., the steering wheel is on the right ...

Let’s Be Friends

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