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Diane Gailey helps birthparents find their children

There are people who just want to know the facts

“You definitely don't forget," Diane Galiley says. Tiny body clad in A sky-blue pajamas, she’s curled up in a “papasan” chair in the living room of her La Mesa apartment. Watery eyes, huge in her ...

Del Mar Plaza overcomes finicky hostility

Never use the "M" word

A $30 million development covering 69,000 square feet at the intersection of 15th Street and Camino Del Mar, it styles itself as a “European retail village.” Gone, we gather, are megalomaniac spaces of yesteryear’s malls.

The noise produced by Rice Krispies

It's not just rice

Dear Mr. Alice: My mom said you can answer my question. What makes Rice Krispies cereal make so much noise? — Jodie, age 6, San Diego Hi, Jodie. That’s a pretty big question for a ...

Past-life regression leads back to Viejas reservation

Sea grass for the soul

There were Donax-bean clams, little bivales the size of pinto beans. Then there were scallops, genus Pecten. Finally, there were the small ridged clams, genus Chione. These three species of sea creatures seemed to form ...

"Shit-eating grin" — a complicated history

Our readers help out

Dear Matthew Alice: How did the expression “shit-eatinggrin” originate? We cannot imagine anyone eating shit and looking so happy! — Fran Simonet and John Moore, Faxland No, I’m sorry but I can’t cite the first ...

The Union-Tribune’s midnight massacre of their dealers

A contract dispute with the U-T's distributors

Dealers were notified that if they did not sign the new contract by July 31, they would no longer be provided with newspapers and their newsstand newsrack locks would be forcibly removed.