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Tijuana's weekly paper Zeta – its prosperity started with a gunshot

Difficult not to be swayed by their enthusiasm

Sturdy bearded, and dapper in a navy-blue jacket and taupe slacks, Jesus Blancornelas has come to this nondescript street on an overcast morning in the Paraiso district of Tijuana, a street lined with the pastel ...

Cheese — why it is cheddared

What makes it sharp

Dear Matt: How do they get the string in string cheese? — Mike, El Cajon Dear Matthew Alice: How come milk goes bad in so many different ways? Cheese is pretty much just soured milk, ...

Richard Meltzer friend dies, he listens to music

End without end

He’d seen Ornette play Philly in ’59. Was delighted. Liked his way of improvising, creating melodically, chord changes be damned. Minor reservations later but not then. (Three years before I’d even heard of him.)

The Ginger Man led a San Diego artist down the road to self-destruction

Was it worth giving up everything to cop a literary pose?

Back in Portland, he kept making frantic telephone calls, begging for his share of the family estate. When the will was closed, I called him to be sure he received his inheritance check, a hefty sum.

The existence of orgasms in birds

Cows, dogs, rats, rabbits, and monkeys have been measured

Dear Matthew: Do birds have orgasms? — Parachute Woman, San Diego Snails do (snails also kiss and engage in group sex), so it’s not too far-fetched to assume that birds do too. Scientists have applied ...

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