Content for Thursday, September 24, 1992

News & Stories

I spied on Tom Metzger for the FBI

Paid for my information with coke

For 27 years I was a drug dealer. Circumstances have forced my retirement, but it was jolly good fun while it lasted. Naturally many will find this to be offensive, but then, what do you ...

A Reckless Assault on El Cajon Mountain

Darkness falls fast and Christian charity comes to the rescue

Eighteen hours in the field, and my acquaintance with J. was doomed forever. He never got over my verbal abuse. We climbed together one last time a year after our adventure, but it just wasn’t the same.

Logan Heights comes to me in Colorado and Wyoming

Homeboy on the range

Mexicans out here lie low. I know a Chicana poet who teaches at the University of Colorado, and every semester or so, some genius in a truck calls her a “greaser” or an “Injun.”

Let’s Be Friends

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