Content for Thursday, February 20, 1992

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BASE jumpers take risks in downtown San Diego

They jump at night

Fences surrounding construction sites are rickety, and there's always something noisy on the other side. I roll into a shadow, willing the clamor to subside. A security guard stands 20 yards away watching the girls ...

Border cops raid immigrants on Grand Avenue

“Excuse me, are you busting these guys?"

The recession that lingers over San Diego with more tenacity than El Nino’s storm clouds has another street-level manifestation that has P.B. residents thinking the “D” word. At the corners of Grand and Noyes, where ...

A man without friends is heartless and useless

Stand by your buddy

I was rooming with Steve, a bartender. We had a two-bedroom in Mission Hills with a view of the airport. We had been in the place for about six weeks when I was diagnosed with lymph cancer.

Let’s Be Friends

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