Content for Thursday, June 20, 1991

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The San Diego Union-Tribune's David Copley and his mother Helen

A son by any other name

For Margaret Helen Kinney Hunt, the two-lane highway from Cedar Rapids to the town of Anamosa, snaking its way through the verdant hill country of east Iowa, was both an end and a beginning. The ...

The Moreton fig at Grape and Third

The tree that saw tomorrow

Years of drought and neglect led to a stunting of the tree’s growth as the thirsty roots searched beneath the asphalt parking lot for water. Vandals have defaced its intricate trunk with carved initials.

Rilke and me

The wind blew off Lake Michigan

I was a runaway when I was 15. Ran from Chicago to New York. Got off the Greyhound bus at four in the morning, armed with a guitar named Beulah, a canvas knapsack heavy with ...

Let’s Be Friends

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