Content for Thursday, February 15, 1990

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Brute Knows War

General Krulak - big in Vietnam, big at the Copley Press

Five feet 4 inches in height, 120 pounds when he “got his full growth,” Victor Krulak was dubbed “Brute” by his fellow cadets at Annapolis. The nickname stuck. The now-77-year-old retired marine Lt. Gen. Krulak ...

For a Few Good Lanes

Camp Pendleton is Southern California's biggest and most valuable piece of undeveloped land - a 19,000-square-mile island of open space where bison and bobcats coexist with bazooka-carrying Marine Infantrymen. If the peace juggernaut ever pushes ...

Where the Heart Is

A good, old house

I carried a drink outside and squatted down on the lawn in the lee of the big bottlebrush, an ancient beast gone from shrub to tree with a trunk as broad as my waist, and I thought some about the frightening new notion of home ownership.

Let’s Be Friends

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