Content for Thursday, December 7, 1989

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The Ropers: Prepping for Brawley cattle call

You don't have long to get it done right

If he wanted to get ahead in rodeo he'd have to make the commitment to travel. He'd been told as much m a roping class he'd taken in Brawley "Get out of the valley,” said Taylor, summarizing the instruction.

Mullet Over in Chula Vista?

Its 39 acres of parks, 900 boat slips, excursion dock, and restaurants have made Chula Vista’s new J Street marina a bayfront paradise. But Mike Irey and Luigi Sanfilippo say the multimillion-dollar tidelands project has ...

Where'd You Get Those Genes?

San Diego's Fertility Center and eugenics

"Maybe this is a real broad statement to make," Schneider continues, "but when I meet someone like you, for example, I have a pretty good idea you’re not waiting in the welfare lines when you leave here, right?”

Let’s Be Friends

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