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They fix Miramar's Screaming Eagles

When you take care of a Navy F-14, you own it.

It is the E-3 airmen and the E-4 third class petty officers who do most of the work on the airplanes. “It takes a college degree to break an F-14, and a high school diploma to fix it.”

The F-14: a bad bird?

"That crash over El Cajon just had a total hydraulics failure."

The F-14 Tomcat prototype crashed on its maiden flight December 21, 1970, and ever since then questions about safety have dogged the Navy’s frontline fighter/interceptor. Five F-14s, four of them based at Miramar, crashed in ...

By day, the Tijuana stadium is a Mayan ziggurat placating the gods of the barren West

Mexican baseball – the sport with no clock

The trolley’s last stop nestles under the big gray armpit of the last wide freeway curve on the way to the drive through customs station. But the asphalt arm’s gone, amputated. No attempt has been ...