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Unlikely result of San Diego's massage parlor crackdown

Bob Hannibal was one of the good guys. Or so he thought.

Now that he’s out of jail, off probation, and living contentedly in Vista, former San Diego vice squad officer Bob Hannibal can finally talk publicly about the job that precipitated his downfall. He says that ...

Bloods in trouble at Mission Beach jetty parking lot

Sawed-off shotgun in the trunk of their car.

This summer, the jetty parking lot on the south end of the Mission Beach isthmus became a popular hangout for the Bloods, a coalition of black street gangs whose members invariably wear something red. Their ...

San Diego men open up about their size

The short unhappy life

"All this talk of the shortness of Michael Dukakis. Listen, he's two inches taller than me." It's been getting to him, says Josh, this nitpicking about the Democratic presidential candidate's height. "This tongue-in-cheek use of ...