Stories for September 1984

Thursday, September 27

A Ring Full of Dreams

Two hours before the fights begin, the boxing ring is a clean canvas framed by loose ropes and illuminated from above by stars of blue neon. Surrounding the ring, the wooden floor at the Palisades ...

Letters from the inside, Pt. 2

Constant war zone, then good-byes to San Diego's Metropolitan Correctional Center

People inside here make believe they are betting on all things. There are pools. Pools on who will get beat up next, turn gay, escape, go to bed first, make the longest phone call, have the shortest visit,

Thursday, September 20

The Team That Jack Built

Runners stand at every base. The pitcher glances at them one by one from his vantage point on the mound, as if he is hoping they will evaporate, will reveal themselves to be characters in ...

Letters from the Inside, part 1

A six-month inmate writes from the Metropolitan Correctional Center, downtown San Diego

The author was sentenced to six months in prison on federal drug charges involving cocaine. While incarcerated at downtown's Metropolitan Correctional Center, he wrote to his friends. These are his letters. Boys, I've finally found ...

Thursday, September 13

The Big Lure

At four o'clock on a Saturday morning about the only people you will find awake in San Diego County are short-order cooks, cops, insomniacs, truck drivers, and bass fishermen. Of them all, the bass fishermen ...

Thursday, September 6

The Tale of an Elephant

“In the wild,” Roocroft says, “an elephant will be moving at least eighteen hours each day. The feet, then, will take care of themselves.” But in a zoo, elephants develop overgrown toenails and overthickened foot pads.

About Phases

The Hotel Del Coronado’s plans to move the Oxford Hotel onto its grounds is actually the first step in a five-phase conceptual master plan completed by San Diego architectural firm Bradt Ackerman & Associates just ...

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