Content for Thursday, November 10, 1983

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Crawford High more balanced racially now

SAT scores on verbal and math tests at Crawford in 1969 was 1015. In 1982 it was 871

After fourteen years I had only one uncomfortable moment, one feeling of small panic. It came halfway through the advanced English class I was monitoring as an observer. Maybe it was because the class was ...

San Diego's explosives man

I’ve done the aqueduct by Fallbrook. I helped blast the dam for Lake Poway.

Terry Barrett the powder man stood on the edge of a fifty-foot cliff he was about to destroy. As he spoke he pointed downward to the pit of a granite quarry, where there sat a ...

OB's Strand stops X-rated fare

When the Newport Ave. theater was owned by Pussycat

The city council, city attorney, state courts, and a group of dedicated residents keep trying to make it impossible for Vince Miranda to show X-rated films at his Strand theater in Ocean Beach, but Miranda ...