Content for Thursday, December 10, 1981

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Writer takes in guy he meets at Jack in the box on Broadway

I invited him for dinner and bought two quarts of Miller, some frozen dinners, and a bottle of catsup. We ate on the living room floor by the heater, Wayne first drinking his beer.

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My 75-year-old mother lives, works in streets of New York

I ask when she will retire. She asks when I will have a baby. She used to say she would retire soon. Now she says, so she won’t retire for at least another year.

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An inside look at the Midway post office

At 5:00 a.m. the loudspeaker sputters, then, “The mail from San Berdoo [San Bernardino] has now arrived.” From my vantage point I see workers pulling the cages, loaded with sacks and trays, out of the elevators.