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Jay J. Armes' bodyguard bails

Joe Breedlove no longer drives the James Bond-style limousine,

“There have been a lot of assassination attempts on me, and I have no intention of making it easy for the next would-be killer. I own nine automobiles, including the Rolls and two special-bodied Cadillacs, ...

Jack Ford finds space in San Diego

Friends with George Gorton, Bill Lowery, and in talks with Roger Hedgecock

Jack Ford, son of the former president, will soon make his home in San Diego. The 26-year-old Ford, who first visited San Diego during vacation breaks from Utah State University, where majored in forestry, says ...

Prop 13 skirmishes on eve of its passing

Assessor holds back mailing

County assessor E.C. Williams faces two challenges on June 6: the Jarvis-Gann ballot measure (Proposition 13) and his own re-election. The odds that Williams will lose his own primary race are slim; at worst one ...