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Michael Clayton (2007)

The title figure is the designated fixer for the elite Manhattan law firm of Kenner, Bach & Ledeen, touted as a “miracle worker” but more modest in his self-assessment: “I’m not a miracle worker, I’m a janitor. The smaller the mess, the easier it is for me to clean it ... (R)

2.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Okja (2017)

High-tension CEO Tilda Swinton announces, during the bonkers opening scene set in her dead father’s infamous subterranean factory, the “discovery” of miracle superpigs and a decade-long contest to raise the most super pig of all. (Yes, their faces look more canine than porcine, but who wants to look a gift ... (NR)

4.0 starsMatthew Lickona

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Less a movie than an extended, deadpan, highly stylized rant from director Jim Jarmusch. Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is a vampire. Adam listens to vinyl, collects vintage electric guitars, and makes awesome music that he doesn’t want to be recognized as his. Adam hides out on the ruined outskirts of Detroit ... (R)

2.0 starsMatthew Lickona

Orlando (1993)

Sally Potter's "ruthless distillation" (her own words) of Virginia Woolf's imaginary biography slash historical novel slash literary criticism slash mash note on the poetic spirit in the Sackville family. (You'd never guess from the movie that it had anything to do with that.) At first it seems most concerned with ... (PG-13)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Snowpiercer (Seolguk-yeolcha) (2014)

Fueled by implausibility, and for a good portion of the ride much better for it, Bong-Joon Ho’s (The Host) Snowpiercer posits a non-stop, earth-encircling train containing the microcosmic survivors of a society killed off by a global warming-induced deep freeze. Much of the ingenuity is housed in the bullet-train-paced first ... (R)

2.0 starsScott Marks

The Statement (2003)

The kind of big-theme fiction film that might expect to receive some brownie points in advance. Certainly Norman Jewison is that kind of filmmaker: In the Heat of the Night, F.I.S.T., And Justice for All, A Soldier's Story, Agnes of God, etc., etc. But the original novel by Brian Moore, ... (R)

3.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Suspiria (2018)

The winner of this year’s Gus Van Sant “Psycho” Award for most purposeless remake goes to fanboy Luca Guadagnino (I Am Love, Call Me By Your Name). Dario Argento’s Suspiria is so much a product of the director’s innermost self that it would be easier to replicate his DNA than ... (R)

0.0 starsScott Marks

Thumbsucker (2005)

A new metaphor (preferable to Bedwetter no doubt) for the plight of the misfit, a coming-of-age tale, even a coming-to-confidence tale, concerning a feminine teenage boy (Lou Pucci, a blend of Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson) who hasn't yet weaned himself off his thumb. The first feature film of Mike ... (R)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

The War Zone (1999)

The directorial debut of Tim Roth (thoroughly concealed behind the camera), a somber drama of sexual abuse in an isolated, stark, whitewashed country house on the Devonshire coast. It would be easy to tally up some anti-Hollywood points: the bad complexion on the introverted younger brother who wants to put ... (R)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Young Adam (2004)

Zola-esque wallow in animal lust and criminal injustice, set in the place and period of the kitchen-sink movement, the late Fifties on a Scottish coal barge. (The amoral ladykilling hero is called Joe, like the one in Room at the Top, but without the upward mobility.) The actual source is ... (NC-17)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd