Aaron Pores: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Max Bristol: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Cody Young: Drums | Chris Bieck: Bass guitar, Vocals

Genre: Punk, Rock

RIYL: Clikatat Ikatowi, Mannekin Piss, the Fast Plants, fluf, Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs, and the UK Wongs, Rat City Riot, Spider Fever, Night Marchers, Red Onions, Creepy Creeps

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Inception: Lemon Grove, 2005

Influences: The Kids, Modern Lovers, Big Boys, La Peste, Beach Boys, Agent Orange, the Saints, G.G. Allin, CCR, the Plugz, the Nerves, Sham 69, Rocket From the Crypt, the Wipers, the Ramones, the Velvet Underground


Formed in Lemon Grove in 2005, the Widows are a four-piece rock/punk band from San Diego. Singer/guitarist Aaron Pores (a teacher by day) has been playing punk rock since he went to Bell Junior High in Paradise Hills. The band also includes Chris Bieck (Rat City Riot), Cody Young (Spider Fever), and Max Bristol (who runs Flapping Jet Records with Matt Luem), all of whom either work in construction or cut hair.

According to the band, one of their inspirations is "negative feedback from dimwits in 'real' bands. They will never know how fun it is to make a mess of music. Rock n' roll is far too important to be left to professionals!"


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