Mick Garris: Vocals | Andrew Robinson: Drums

Genre: Rock

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Inception: San Diego, 1970

Influences: Gentle Giant, Grateful Dead, Queen, Little Feat, Black Oak Arkansas, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Spirit, Love


Founded in 1970, Horsefeathers was a 1970s progressive rock band specializing in a blend of pyrotechnics and humorous pomposity. Like Gentle Giant, a band they obviously emulated, their material was slavishly arranged. Lead singer Mick Garris had an unusual stage presence: he looked like a Jim Dandy but performed like a Russ Mael. Drummer Andy Robinson was one of the finest, tightest rock percussionists in town. Strangely, when Queen's single "Killer Queen” first hit the air. a number of people commented on its remarkable similarity to Horsefeathers.

By Autumn 1975, the band had taken to producing their own concerts, and were performing Sundays at Fat Fingers.

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