Hair Theatre

Cesar Castillo: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Sergio Castillo: Bass guitar | Howard Palmer: Drums | Steve Broach: Drums | Paul Allen: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Sam Wilson: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Simon Holehouse: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | John Murray: Flute, Harmonica, Percussion

Genre: Rock

RIYL: The Morlocks, Lemons Are Yellow, the Crawdaddys, Tell-Tale Hearts, 3 Guys Called Jesus, Jamul, Answers, Noise 292, Rockin' Dogs, Wallflowers, Rockin' Dogs

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Inception: Carlsbad, 1982

Influences: David Bowie, the Doors, the Who, Johnny Thunders, Gun Club, Johnny Cash, T Rex, Howlin’ Wolf


Based in Carlsbad, garage rockers Hair Theatre spent much of the 1980s playing frequently at area venues like the Jackie Robinson YMCA, Gaslamp Quarter Theater, Bodie's, Rock Palace, Club Cult, Spirit, and the Zebra Club, usually warming up for established touring bands like Devo, for whom they opened at Iguana's in Tijuana in September 1989. They earned a lot of buzz for their "Glass Brick" demo.

Cofounders Cesar Castillo (1982-1987) and Sergio Castillo (1982-1994) were soon joined by Howard Palmer (1982-1983), who was replaced by Steve Broach (1983-1994). Paul Allen (1983-1986) was replaced by former Rockin' Dogs and Wallflowers member Sam Wilson (1986-1989) and then Simon Holehouse (1989-1994), and John Murray was a member for a time as well, playing flute, harmonica, and percussion at that Devo show. The band split in 1994.

A reunion was staged in May 2009 for Che Games, featuring vets of UCSD's Che Café music venue.


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