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Plan of Action

All Night Stand/Nothing You Can Do/
And We Still Feel The Same/
Ever Any Reason/
For Those/
She Said It’s Late (Long Version)/
I Want To Hold Your Hand/
Plan Of Action (ITC Version)/
New Difference/
Yesterday’s Gone/
I Can’t Don’t Want To Faster/
Confidence And Love/
New Song/
Come And See Me/
Jungle Beat (remake)/
Man About Town/
Don’t Know Where to Start/
Nothing Can Be Everything/
The Bird (Demo 1)/
Shape Of Things

++++Bonus Tracks:
Woman (live)/
Gloria (live)/
Hanky Panky (live)/
What Did You Say (demo)/
Yesterday’s Gone (demo)

1. All Night Stand
2. Nothing You Can Do
3. And We Still Feel the Same
4. Ever Any Reason
5. For Those
6. She Said It's Late
7. I Want to Hold Your Hand
8. Plan of Action
9. New Difference
10. Yesterdays Gone
11. 31968
12. I Can't Don't Want To
13. Confidence and Love
14. New Song
15. Come See Me
16. Jungle Beat [Remix]
17. Man About Town
18. Don't Know Where to Start
19. Nothing Can Be Everything
20. The Bird
21. Shape of Things
22. What Did You Say
23. Woman
24. Gloria
25. Hanky Panky
26. Yesterdays Gone
27. Man About Town
28. [Untitled Track]
29. [Untitled Track]
30. [Untitled Track]
31. [Untitled Track]
32. [Untitled Track]
33. [Untitled Track]


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