Un-freaken-believably, the noise has gotten MUCH worse here.

Add on to that Leucadia fortissimo pizza, not only the usual extras--the hum of the generator from the van outside my window, the crash of the Monday behemoth trash, yard waste and recycle trucks, the insane buzz of leaf blowers and weed wackers every other day of the week, the shrill, crying child next door, the snarling dogs that will surely tear each other to shreds, the late night reveling of neighbors partying , the wannabe NASCAR drivers racing to the stop sign before the break of dawn--now, slather on to that-- no, sop it, innundate it, torrent it with a 3-week assault of shrieking saws and jackhammers on asphalt. Pepper like crazy with the beep-beep-beep of bulldozers ba-ba-backing up. It's all just down the street ,and for one awful day, it's on my other side too, at the next driveway over.That's the menu here. Stuff it down your throat.

Can a society exist without decency? I think not. But perhaps I'm awful-izing. See how bad ? Now look--it's worse. My friends aren't here. Maybe if they were, I'd be reveling too.

But get this --today I rode my bike up the coast road a bit. On the way home I had a premonition of something bad. I crossed a lane of traffic to get to the left turn lane at La Costa Avenue. A driver jammed on his horn, even though there was plenty of room between us for me to pull in front. Then, as I made the turn, I got pelted with a plastic drink cup full of ice by the passenger of that white car. I was shocked by the maliciousness of that act.


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