To those it could concern,

Maybe on an occasional Tuesday I wake up and try to figure out my life and those of my friends. I convince myself I care enough to pursue mine and their dreams and goals. A concept that has become every day chit chat and nightly ritual sitcom watching that consists of vicarious living through fictional characters and situations. Angry, I’m generally upset in what we’ve become. And now I’m playing just as cliché a role playing a writer who writes about how the world is gone to shit. That is dominating the blogging and writing world as we know it. So what am I supposed to do about my fragmented sentences that my computer continuously tells me are wrong when I very specifically like them the way they f--ing are! Is it unacceptable to be fragmented or is it artistic. Hey, if we call it artistic then we can live in a realm without rules or expectations. Though we blame not having enough structure be the reason why passion wasn’t put to paper, so then what? What possible excuse exists anymore other than one very reasonable idea? Lazy, we are all lazy. You can’t blame your parents; you didn’t get it from them. You can’t blame the internet; AOL didn’t force you to sign up and use. Here’s the very reasonable solution. The answer in which you are looking for is in these next few words that will set you free from your cage of despair and forgot worth. If you don’t change it, it won’t change.

Now that I’ve gone back reread and rewritten the third sentence, my computer was right it does sound better now that it isn’t fragmented.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

J. Sully


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