Hi, guys and gals!

Sorry I have not had a chance to catch up on my blogging, but I was in Tri-City Medical Center between 14-19/October/2012. I was on the telemetry unit, due to a slow heart rythym. They ran a bunch of tests, and determined I have a weak heart, so I went under the knife on 16-Oct-12 under the hand of Dr. Robert (Don't Call Me BOBBY!) Orr. They implanted a "internal defibirlator" in the right side of my chest--pocketed it three inches below the collarbone.

It's working like a charm...and brought Pam & I much closer (her 'pet name' for me is "Munchkin", btw).

So, the "Old RobbieBear" isn't through with life just yet!

Plus, my house manager FINALLY set up Internet service in my room! So, I don't have to go downstairs to connect with our Wi-Fi provider. Plus, the unites were "tented" for bedbugs by Antimite Services.

Be back to you soon...getting ready for dinner (Mousakka and green salad!).

Your bud from Vista, Robbiebear



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