"Wherever you go--there you are!" --from "BUCKAROO BANZAI"

It was 21:30 hours, and the weather had cooled off enough to make a run to Von's (across the street). I needed to re-load my freezer, plus cash in a bunch of quarters and pennies that were taking up way to much space on my desk.

So, I grabbed my blue handi-cart stepped outside, and headed across Civic Center Drive. It took me a bit onger than usual to get to the store..but I made it without having to call 911. I slipped through the doors and headed for the CoinStar machine to lighten out my "coin load."

A word about these "change zappers"...they charge 9% (rounded up) for every dollar of coins cashed in. They also do not take anything but American coins, $1 to 1 cent. Most of the coins run through the machine, by the way, are pennies, with quarters a distant scond.

Anyhoo, I popped open my change holders, and poured the coins into the tray. It was then I noticed that somebody had left a bunch of coins next to the tray.

"Hmmmm...what have we here?" I thought, examining them. Certainly, they were not American. There was a 1 Rand Piece from 2009 from South Africa; a 1974 1 Franc coin from France (before the Euro); a ten cent piece from Hong Kong, stamped 1997; a Philipine Islands 1 pesata coin from 1973; and an Austrailian 10-cent coin (very pretty one).

I pocketed the coins, then set about taking care of my motley crew. I made about $9.70 from my haul, then set to work doing my shopping. It took me until 22:13 to finish up, then I hoofed it back home. I parked my groceries in the fridge, then set about comparing tonight's haul of foreign coinage to the others I had found,

Right now, three of my coins are from European countries that now use the Euro (France, Denmark, Norway), seven are from Australia; six are Mexican; one English One Pence; one from Lithuania;; a Philipino Pesata; one Hong Kong Ten Cent piece, and one from Thailand.

When I worked security detail for Securitas, I often had to pull a watch at a grocer's. A lot of times, I would see non-American coins in places like the bread rack, the coin changer, and on the cement.

So, I now have a very large amount of "foreign" coins, unslabbed and uncatalouged. Every time I find a new coin--it goes back into my colection.

Get rid of them? Man, I do not even know how much they are worth.! For now--they'll be in my coin case.

Until next time-- LPR


Tallsharon July 12, 2011 @ 6:28 p.m.

I bought a leather tray at Cost Plus, and a plant stand made of wood. I filled the tray with all the coins I've collected around the world that are no longer valid currency, or that I probably will never visit again. A small round piece of glass and I've got an end table that takes me back on the road.

(I actually roll coins and take em to the bank. I usually end up with $40 or $50 and I can do it while I watch TV. I am not giving 9% up - that's a decent dinner!

Thanks, I enjoyed this.


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