"The Angel Of Death hears your last breath/meanwhile the Reaper looks on!" --Iron Maiden, from "The Duellists" on POWERSLAVE.

Two young lasses gone too soon. One perv charged with both killings-- Open and shut case, right... Or is it?

Remember the Van Damms? They lost little Danielle to the sick lusts of a perv now on Death Row.

Though Westerfield was guilty, the "court of public opinion" put the Van Damms on trial for their lifestyle.

All that it would take was one to render justice into hamburger. Westerfield was hoping that such was to be.

Now, ten years into the new millenium, John Gardner faces the needle for two counts of kidnapping, rape, and murder-- but will justice prevail?

All that it takes is one juror to cheat the State of the supreme penalty. Only one to give him life in prison-- but his life will be short.

For if Gardner is convicted and given two life terms for his misdeeds, it would still be a death sentence-- only carried out by his fellow convicts.

Either way-- it's "DEAD PERV WALKING" if Gardner is convicted.

Why did that schmuck get out, when he belonged at Coalinga State Hospital... never to breathe free air again?

Death, be not proud of your deed-- for you took two innocents, but left us with a real schmuck that you should have taken!

LPR (Beware the rage of a teddy bear that's "gone Grizzly!")

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CuddleFish March 12, 2010 @ 10:10 p.m.

Oooh dang, Robby, watch them fangs and claws!


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