"Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!" --from the movie "Independence Day"

Right now, it is 22:56 hrs (10:56pm to those not familiar with 24-hr. time), July 3rd. I just finished putting up two recipes on the "Recipes" blogsite here at The Reader. If they meet with approval, you will see them in a week.

I also have been thinking about what Independence Day means to me. There are different versions than just the one celebrated with fireworks and outdoor feasts on July 4th. For example, the day that a child moves out of their parent's home to live in their own place can be considered an "Independence Day" for both the parents and their child. However, with the way the economy is going, many "empty nesters" soon find their fledgeling back in the nest.

For others, July 4th is a grand time to bloviate to their heart's content. They might rant-and-rave about how we've strayed from "Our Founding Fathers' Intents" when it comes to subjects ranging from "judical activism" to the fact that our current Prez is not a W.A.S.P.--and should never have been allowed even to run for office.

However, they might want to heed this caveat:

If the British had, by some miracle, won the War For American Independence? Most of the flame-artists you hear on the radio, see on TV, and view in the Blogosphere and the Internet would either be serving prison terms or swinging from a hangman's noose after being convicted of sedition and treason. In fact, under the first Adams administration, the Federalists managed to see passed the "Alien and Sedition Acts." This made it a Federal felony to criticize the government and the elected representitaves (from The President to the local pooch-nabber)...and long terms of penal servitude awaited those convicted under this act.

Some of our Founding Fathers never lost their desire for the old days of "Divine Right Of Kings"--which is what the A&S Act was a harbinger of. Thomas Jefferson, upon becoming President, had the act repealed. So instead of running down Kagan or Obama? Maybe these "mighty mouths" might think about what could have been--as in El Rushbo, Keith Obermouth, or Beck From Heck swinging from a gallows for repeated violation of the A&S act--if the British had won, or if the Federalist agenda were still part-and-parcel of Federal Law?

Despite all that is going on, the "Experiment In Democracy" is still going strong after 225 years. We have had many triumphs, seen many tragedies, and survived many controversies that would have sunk other governments in a wall of smoke, flame, and seawater. And yet, this ship of state is still extremely seaworthy, our engines are running like champs, and the compass points to the future, rather than the past.

Now that's a reason for one heck of a party! How we celebrate is our choice (for me, it will be time to grill some burgers and cluck, then listen as the fireworks go off at Brengle Terrace Park and every dog for ten miles howling in fear and pain). Just keep it safe-'n-sane...no driving under the influence; no touching off that stash of explosive stuff you smuggled over the San Ysidro border without getting caught; and please remember Fluffy and Fido, and make sure they have a safe place to retreat to when the fireworks begin!

My guess is that the Vista Detention Center, Las Colinas in Santee, and the local Animal Control shelters will be dealing with those who do not wish to celebrate in a "Safe-'N-Sane" manner...but if you play, you had better be prepared to pay!

In one-half hour, it will be zero-dark-hundred (midnight), and the start of our 225th National Birthday. I wish you and yours' a happy Independence Day from here at Vista Ranch, and may we, as a nation, remember the reason for today as we slurp down that fresh-cut watermelon!



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