"The Only Way To Be's Victorious-- SC#@& The Fools Who Think It's Glorious!" --Deep Purple, from "Under The Gun" on PERFECT STRANGERS.

17:04 hrs 23-Aug-2010

Got the crock pot going with tomorrow's dinner, the radio is on KNX until 19:00 hrs, and I'll be starting tonight's dinner real soon. Nearly passed out in the heat twice, but a "bi-temp" (hot to wash of the sweat and soothe the skin, chilled to bring down my core temperature) shower set things right.

Enjoy this poem:

Si Vis Bellum? Si Vis Morer! (You Want War? You Want Death!)

The Angel Of Death sees you coming...

and knows what you wil be offering today.

The souls of innocents, newly reaped

by a death machine of your creation.

Broken and bloodied bodies are your domain,

souless husks of the recently slain.

How and when they died matters not to you...

only that you get your blood-coin just dues.

Somewhere, a family weeps in horrid pain,

never to see their warrior child again.

Somewhere, a spouse's heart is rent in two,

their better half no longer in their view.

Matters not, really, how you killed them all--

be it a rifle round, or an ICBM's final fall.

In their deaths lay your proifits and praise,

each dollar made bloody in your killing ways.

You are evil beyond redemption, no hope for you.

in the blood of innocents, your bill comes due.

Heed my words, villian, upon your death knell,

For your destinty lies in the Ninth Ring Of Hell!


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