"If you're gonna step up--you're gonna get knocked down!" --Drowning Pool, from "Step Up."

You often wonder what would possess a person to act like a total boor on TV. Or, for that matter, in life itself. Honestly, when Kanye West took the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hands and went on his little rant about how "Beyonce was supposed to win this-here award"? Didn't you feel like taking said award and said microphone, tracking down Mr. West, and forcefully insert both into his body via the anal-rectal sphincter?

Two wrongs do not make anything right, that much I do know. When it comes to dealing with boors of any stripe, we often ask ourselves how our society has gotten so coarse. Have we forgotten that civility is not an option, and that utter swinishness isn't all that cool?

We blame everything under the sun for our actions...all but one. Pick your target, pick your scapegoat, pick your solution...just do not forget to look in the mirror when you do. For all the PM&Bing about how "other factors" are doing the dirty deed, we conviently forget that it all starts with the only person you can truly change--yourself!

I'm just as guilty of this as anybody else...but at least I can acknowledge this fact and try to correct it. After all, if you seek perfection among humans, just remember that the last "perfect" person lived over 2000 years ago. In fact, imperfection is a human trademark imprinted into our DNA since the Dawn of Time.

It's OK to give somebody grief about their boorish ways...but by acting like your target, you become your target. Not a good idea! Nobody thinks it's OK to get away with acting like they are a dog with full bladder...and the person across from them is a convienent tree!

And with the advent of the Internet, we can now be boors in anonymity, and from any part of the globe. This is why I'm very careful before I cluster-bomb another 'Net user...like make sure my facts are iron-clad before I give them a dose of Hellfire.

In this age, watching people making total turkeys of themselves might seem humorous and entertaining...unless you are the one that is said turkey's target. Then you end up knowing that the joke is not on you, nor on your tormentor

It's on society itself...and that's rather sad indeed.

FYI--As of Friday Night, I will be going on-line from my apartment. That's right, I'm getting my own broadband. Since my credit is "neutral," I cannot get Verizon, Sprint, or ATT without paying a "deposit." The deposit charged is rather costly for my budget.

So, I'll be "On-Line" via Cricket Wireless. My other option--Virgin Wireless--is only available through Best Buy. The closest one on a bus route is in O'side at North Coast Plaza. Cricket's closest store, meanwhile, is right across the street from my apartment. Plus, they are running a special on routers (half-price).



Josh Board Sept. 21, 2009 @ 4:31 p.m.

I like this blog. Anytime someone mentions inserting something inside Kanye West, I'm on board (so to speak).


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