"Open Your Eyes, or You Will Be--The Master Of Insanity!" --Black Sabbath, from "Master Of Insanity" on DEHUMANIZER, (R.J. Dio on Vocals)

It used to be that when you mentioned CNN and Lou Dobbs, you thought about business/financial news. Now, you can't mention the two in the same sentence, for CNN and Mr.Dobbs are no longer on the same team.

Last week, Lou Dobbs announced on his CNN show that the night's broadcast would be his last on that network. Frankly, I daresay that when Lou went from straight finiancial/business news to the show he was doing? The man had bit off more than he could chew up and swallow.

For "Lou Dobbs Tonight" had turned from something you would watch on Wall Street to something you would see on Fox News Network. It exposed something we never really knew about Mr. Dobbs--that he not only had a dark side, but that the dark side was the one getting the airplay on CNN now.

The show he was doing became heavily slanted towards xenophobia, especially if the foriegners-in-question were from south of the Mexican border. Be they legal immigrants or not, Dobbs seemed to have it in for them.

As a financial/business reporter, Mr. Dobbs is surprisingly good, better than that schmuck "Mad Money" Cramer on CNBC (the only stocks Mr. Cramer needs to deal with are the ones he should be sitting in). As a "generalist" news commentator? Doesn't belong on CNN, more suited to FOX News' style.

So, now that CNN and Lou Dobbs have come to the parting of the ways, what might be next? Some are touting him as a Presidential Candidtate on the GOP Ticket for 2012. Others are looking forwards to his next book. A few want him to just shut his trap and fade into history...not likely!

I daresay that after a few weeks, Roger Ailes will be at Mr. Dobbs' dorrstep with a bagful of lucre, courtesy of Ruper Murdoch and FOX News...and a leash to slip over his neck to drag him there! Dobbs is a natural for FOX, plus he has the chops when it comes to financial/business reporting.

If Madman Murdoch can also land Rush Limbaugh for FOX News, he'd have pulled the coup of the decade in cable broadcast news. Failing that, Dobbs would give to FOX what they lost when Tony Snow passed on...a name-and-face that packs star quality for their network.

But at the end of this broadcast day, let me just say that Dobbs got nothing, CNN got it all--and Dobbs miserable back is against the wall. With the network on his side, Dobbs fell to the Sport of Chumps--CAREER SUICIDE!

From the first book he published, to the gradual "Ecce Homo" that revealed his true nature ("Ecce Homo" in Latin means "Behold the Man," btw) on his show? Like I said, Mr. Dobbs bit off far more than he could chew--and could neither spit it out or swallow it.

His fascination with Illegal immigration turned to a jingoism-cum-xenophobia, one that would do Pat Buchannan of MSNBC proud. His legions of fans may have liked what they were seeing--but obviously, CNN had seen enough. Hence, "Lou Dobbs Tonight" won't be found on ANY CNN channel...unless they have one to train new employees, called "Don't Let This Happen To You!"

However, Lou Dobbs is a survivor...and FOX News might be the one to toss him a life-ring and bring him on board. If you want him, Ailes and Murdoch--he's your's!

In my mind, Mr. Dobbs is a reminder that in the field of journalism (as with writing), sticking to subjects one knows well pays far better dividends than trying to become a panjandrum that eventually crashes and burns.

At least when you stick with what you know--you stay employed!



SDaniels Nov. 15, 2009 @ 7:55 p.m.

Nicely done, RKJ--the "sport of chumps." I'll remember that one. ;) No, he doesn't spit or swallow, to mix a couple of crude metaphors--he just savors the hate, swilling it around in his mouth like a fine wine, doesn't he? These seem like fair predictions as to the next logical move in Dobbs' career, but I sincerely hope you are wrong, and he does retire to the golf course and some little-read, badly selling, and increasingly senile rants.


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