"So what did you expect? --The Waco Kid (Gene Wilder) to Black Bart (Cleavon Little), from the Mel Brooks classic "BLAZING SADDLES"

The budget is here, finally! Lots of programs nuked, lot of tax revenues slashed away...and still only three members of the State GOP's Legislators dared to cross the aisle and put this puppy to bed! Frankly, we are dealing with folks that do not play well with others, let alone with a full deck. If it were up to the rest of the putzos in the GOP, California could just crash and burn to maintain ideological "purity." Yeah, as in purely 100% CRAP! You see, most of the GOP's members got their "economic values" from one man...now safely dead. That person...Howard Jarvis. Forget about Newt Gingrich or Grover Norquist (the Muppet That Got Kicked Off Sesame Street)! The true face of "slash-and-burn" tax reduction was old Howie himself! Frankly, he never met a tax that he ever liked...and that is one reason that "Jarvis-Gann" was approved as Proposition 13 back in 1979! Even with Jarvis gone (but, unfortunately, not forgotten), his "progeny" still carry on his message and works...by any means neccessary! Even if the State of California ends up irrevocably bankrupt, the "Jarvisites" would continue to keep opposing any tax increases, as well as continue to hack away at any state spending they can get their hands on!

For it's not, to them, a good thing to increase tax rates on an "already overtaxed" society. Whomever thought that Americans (let alone Californians) were overtaxed ought to visit Scandnavia, the United Kingdom, or Germany...they'll come back singing love arias about OUR tax rates! Besides, the higher taxation in those countries is actually a benefit for their citizenry...for the services their governments provide are actually a cut above of what we have here!

What bothers me the most about the GOP'S Legislative members is their complete insistance on "Simon Purity" in their quest to shred the California economy. Now they are picking a fight with one of their own...Ahnold "The Governator." Well, lah-de-dah! Looks like we may, indeed, see a Democrat in the Governor's Mansion, the way things are going. Also look for Tom McClintock to be this year's GOP nominee for governor...and get his butt cheeks handed to him in the November Election!

The reason that the State GOP is peeved at Ahnold has nothing to do with the budget. The State GOP only wanted Ahnold in the Governor's Mansion as a figurehead, to rubber-stamp any-and-all of their policies while the GOP Legislators pulled the strings to make the state dance! The Issa cabal got Grey Davis recalled, but the GOP would not be able to control Issa...so they picked Ahnold over Issa. Man, talk about the Peter Principle going haywire! Ahnold may have made a good spokesman for The New California," but as it's CEO? He turned out to be yet another failure going back to Deukmejian!

This year, we Californians return to the polls to pick a new Governor and new Legiscritters (Thanks To Term Limits). All that I can say is that, unless you want a new version of Ahnold (or worse, Issa or McClintock) in the Governor's Mansion? Don't believe the jive or the hype...run down the facts, and choose accordingly!



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