Ah, yes, Christmastime! The time of year when every person can feel like royalty...or feel royaly screwed! Your choice on this, folks. After all, Santa only delivers toys, not miracles.

It's the time of the year where we celebrate the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth...by acting like imps fresh from Lucifer's Academy! If you do not believe me, just take a walk down the aisles of any "Toys 'r Us," Target, or Walmart. I daresay that after at least two hours walking through there, you'll be glad to see a BevMo nearby with your favorite ETOH-based antidote!

And as for us folks in the security biznezz? Stand enough watches at the local retail establishments, and your inner Ebeneezer will make itself known! For not only do we have to deal with folks who think that "five-fingered discounting" will get them their heart's desire (if a pair of handcuffs and six months in the county hoosegow is your idea of a great gift). You also have to deal with enough drunks, punks, and outright skunks to make you re-consider your career choice.

Then, of course, you have the twits who forgot that church and state are seperate for a reason. Though they thunder on about how there's "A War On Christmas"? In reality, these nimnuls have forgotten that there is more than one way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

As it will be for me. Since I have the day off, I plan on spending it in front of my computer...after enjoying the greatest gift that God gave Man after He gave us His Son (non-believers can do what they will)...and that will be to get a decent amount of much-needed, blissful, and happy sleep.

Though I celebrate Christmas alone, I do know that I have three other celebrants with me..the Father, the Son, and the Holy Sprit. As you celebrate the holidays, remember that the greatest gift that can be given or recieved...love...is the gift that is absolutely FREE!

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