University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau ($500,000 salary) has forgotten that he is a public servant, steward of the public money, not overseer of his own fiefdom. These are not isolated examples: recruits (uses California tax $) out of state $50,000 tuition students that displace qualified Californians from public university education; spends $7,000,000 + for consultants to do his & many vice chancellors jobs (prominent East Coast university accomplishing same 0 cost); pays ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures; in procuring a $3,000,000 consulting firm he failed to receive proposals from other firms; Latino enrollment drops while out of state jumps 2010; tuition to Return on Investment drops below top 10; QS academic ranking falls below top 10; only 50 attend Birgeneau all employees meeting; visits down 20%; NCAA places basketball program on probation, absence institutional control.

It’s all shameful.


Visduh July 30, 2011 @ 11:48 a.m.

The perpetual excuse is lack of state support, meaning state money. The UC has been crying poor mouth for as long as I've been an alum, and that's forty-plus years. I suspect that some of this stuff is being done to somehow shame the state into putting more bucks into those campuses. If so, it won't work. The state just doesn't have the wherewithal any longer, and the UC needs to get its collective head together and find a way out of the trap. Not long ago, we had the UC president, Dynes, asking for a VP to do the "administrative work" associated with his position. The Regents turned it down, and he retired soon after. What he wanted was another person to do his job!

The situation on all the campuses with which I'm familiar is shameful to some degree. Ultimately, it is the governor and the legislature that can bring this around. Appointees to the board need to be selected for their hard-nosed management ability, not for political pull, not for celebrity, and not for their academic credentials. Once the board has a majority of the right sort of folks, things could change very quickly and massively.


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