Okay, this is a near and dear to my heart. I live in Santee and yes I do own a travel trailer. All trailer trash jokes aside, one thing you learn after spending any time at all in the East County is that we like to party. We also appreciate our land, lakes, and rivers so with that said you will find many RV's, campers, travel trailers, 5th wheels and the like in most neighborhoods. This is where it gets dicey. Santee like most cities has an ordinance that prohibits vehicles from parking in the same spot for more than 72 hours. Most recreational vehicle owners do not have the luxury of having a yard large enough to accommodate such parking, hence the street battle begins. What I have learned is that city will not generally ticket these campers unless someone complains. A warning letter will be posted and someone has to play the game of moving their vehicle to avoid the ticket. Now before everyone runs to their phones and calls the meter maid, let me point out a couple of points. One all people have to do is move their vehicle enough to avoid the ticket. The reality is that East County folk enjoy camping and they are not going to part with their trailers and toys so easily. When someone complains they are getting five minutes of satisfaction. There is a shortage of lots that allow people to park their trailers so the streets are the means to the end. Why waste city resources to play a cat and mouse game of tag with a ticket. Why doesn't the city get smart and charge a yearly permit fee to allow vehicles to park legally providing they do not cause a major traffic issue such as blocking a needed viewpoint for other drivers. With the amount of recreational vehicles in Santee, I envision say a $300 yearly permit. Compounded it might permit enough dollars in the coffers to combat more important issues addressing the city like speeders on Mast Blvd. or should I say the Mast Blvd. Freeway. But that is another blog.....

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wannabe May 25, 2009 @ 5:17 p.m.

Well if we're just trying to "protect" our interests by voluntering to pay a small, say $300 parking fee in the name of "helping" the city drum up some money why not just issue speeding permits for the speeding problem on Mast. Based on principle alone a hell of alot more people enjoy speeding than 5th wheeling. Frankly it sounds to me you pissed off your neighbor which isn't hard to do out here in Santee, or were it La Jolla East? What a joke.


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