In Buenos Aires, Argentina, present day, young Kenworth Clifton was playing soccer with some Argentines. 'Watch out for the hips' thought Kenworth to himself, as he played in the mid field. His game was going out of sight playing in Argentina, and if he hadn't yet scored a goal, he'd established respect. His girlfriend, Amy, had gone back to San Diego, and when the Soccer Mom got back from wherever she was in the Middle East, he'd be going back, too. As things were going, he was going to play college soccer. Hell, the young genius from East San Diego might even earn himself a spot on the national team. He was learning so much in the mid field, and running his ass off to boot.

The game ended, and the sweaty kids gathered on the side line.

"Kenwort." said a guy on the sidelines.


"I speak a little English." said a skinny teenager in a black concert t-shirt.

"What's up?"

"Peepo sayin you a scientis. Its true?"

"I don't have any seminal papers published, but I do experiments." replied Kenny, wiping his wet, sandy blonde bangs from his forehead, and looking the other guy in his eyes.

"What experiments?"

"I experiment on water. I test water samples, and- so forth. I'm an environmentalist." replied Kenny.

"A what?"

"Trabajo por medio ambiente."

The skinny Argentino Junior's eyes widened, and he nodded. He said

"Buenos Aires hacker want to meet you. Hes good."

"I mean I don't know, I'd have to ask Tino." replied Kenny. Hackers were lightening rods, Kenny knew that much.

"Its okay, we already ask the buzo. He want you have fun, stimulate your thinking, don't get behind in school. What you think?"

Kenny grinned. He could tell this kid was smart, real smart.

"Yeah, I'm down. I'd be honored." said Kenny, smiling. He was already thinking about reworking some spectral analysis tweaks on water imagery. This could only be a good thing, and he would run it by Tino to make sure.

little did the juniors know what would become of their get together. Neither did Argentine buzo (scuba diver) Tino Escudero.

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Robert Hagen May 26, 2012 @ 4:04 p.m.

So then, young Kenny's phone rang. Kenny looked at the caller and grew excited. It was none other than the great Evan Will, former Navy SEAL, current paramour of the beutiful and most worthy Joy Mercy, and sometimes reality tv star. Kenny picked up.


"Yeah it's me. Where are you?"

"I'm in Buenos Aires. Where are you?"

"Around town. Hey, you remember that guy Tino Escudero?" asked Evan.

"I live at his house." replied Kenny, suddenly suspicious.

"I need some info about him." stated Evan flatly. Evan knew Kenworth would come through. The kid was solid.

"Like what?"

"Walk me through his pad."

Kenny described the look of Tino's quinta, and Evan, the Ease let him talk until Kenny said

"And on the right is his den, which is dominated by a memorial-"

"To what?!" interjected Evan.

"Why to his father, an activist during the bad times in Argentina. Tino and our nanny claim he was miraculously rescued from a Navy internment center in 1974."


Robert Hagen May 28, 2012 @ 3:39 p.m.

"You mean like Guantanamo?" asked Evan Will.

"Worse. Far worse. An internment center where citizens who disagree with a military dictatorship are placed. It's a museum now, and I've been there."

Evan took a breath, composed himself, and said

"Describe it."

"It's a tall black building on the outside-"

"How many stories?" interjected Evan.

"Like about eight or so. The windows have been shattered out by artists, to describe what happened in there."

Evan took a breath, and said

"Let's go inside."

"It's bad Evan, it's very bad. It's worse than haunted. When Tino and I went in there he was looking at the walls, writing in a notebook. I had the creeps, Evan."

"Chill out."

"Why are you asking me all of these questions?" asked young Kenny Clifton.

"For informational purposes. Keep your head clear, and keep it up. Keep your head up. You dig me?"


"What does the inside of the building look like?"

"There's an entry and upstairs are cubicles."

"And this is a navy prison?"

"An Argentine navy prison, yes." said young Kenny.

"That's not good. Are you alright?"

Young Kenworth Clifton thought for a moment, then replied

"Yeah, I'm alright. Evan, I've heard so much about you, seen you on tv. I know you consider me a homeboy from the east side. What's happening, Easy?"

"A great deal. Back to business. If you're not happy with Tino, you egress. If there's any sort of problem, you have my number. In fact, I'd like for you to stay in touch. I'm concerned about you, and moreover, I feel that I've neglected you in the past. I want to correct that. I'm asking you to call me, whenever you want. I'll drop everything, don't you worry. Agreed?"

"You're scaring me, Evan." said Kenny.

"You look alive to me, too." said Evan Will.


Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 12:41 a.m.

Back in San Diego, Evan was hanging out with his roommate, Bingo, a Force Recon Marine Corps sniper. At the moment they were in Evan's 2012 Ford Taurus. Bingo was pressing buttons on the touch screen.

"I like the display, and Fords are geared to drive well in the snow, I must admit." said Bingo.

Evan was in the driver's seat of his car. He took a quick pre-emptory look at Bingo, along the lines of would you please keep your hands of of that. They were cruising down highway 94, going west. Evan said

"I mean it's a family car, handles swell. I wish it had stick shift, but then, automatics have gotten awful good. Joy was so happy when I went and got it. The love making was incredible. She has ways of showing me how much she cares."

"Are you planning on making modifications?" asked Bingo.

"It'll void the warranty if I do. However, the Ford salesman told me the factory might do a little something for me, being as how it's show business. So, basically, I'm interested in what they have to offer, and sticking to my strategy, which is to not let Joy buy me a car. I can't be letting myself sponge off of her, I think it would ruin the relationship, but even if it didn't, I still wouldn't do it. Rich as my lady is, I don't sponge off of women. I'm not cut out that way."


Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 12:41 a.m.

Bingo touched the screen, and a siren went off.

Evan quickly hit the touch screen, turning the siren off.

Bingo said

"Sounds like a police cruiser to me."

"It is, I mean I have the 2013 police interceptor package on it. Still in warranty. Ford hooked me up. I swear to Buddah, I thought Tim Versace was trying to screw me, because that's what he does you know, sends people over to the Ford dealership, just to screw with the competition. As fate would have it, after I bought it, I called the guy, and Versace told me Ford doesn't have a dog in their line up, and I'm too old for a Focus. Versace told me that to really sell, you have to share market, and Ford is a family car, and doesn't break down. It looks funky from the outside, but looks don't glide, you know what I mean?"

Evan waved his hand in further explanation, and said

"The grill looks real nice, and honestly, I associate Ford coupes and sedans with police cars, and I'm pretty happy. But the reason I did it was for Joy, because I want to tell you, I'd have gone for the Mustang. Within price range. But what's a man going to do, yeah?"

"Something, it appears." replied Bingo, lifting one of his broad shoulders.

"Times change, B. I have my priorities. My fiery Pontiac Fiero would approach 175 miles per hour. But I said to myself, where am I going anyway? If Joy's happy, I'm happy, you know? I have to make the right overtures, because I'm in love, man, and when the time is right, I plan to ask her to marry me."

"She's more than ready." said Bingo.

"Yeah, but I want it to last. So the time has to be right for me, too."


Just then, their portable hand sets went off. Each of them pulled out what civians frequently call a cell phone. Code ET. That meant the most major emergency that wasn't a war. It meant something potentially from outer space. Evan said

"Holy sh**." answered his phone.

"Report immediately to North Island. This not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill."

Evan stepped on it, and hit the siren.

Bingo was speaking with Air Force personnel in very low tones. It was on.


Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 9:46 a.m.

Meanwhile, back in Argentina, young American Kenny Clifton was playing more soccer, when, someone fouled a defender in the penalty box. Kenny was playing mid field, even though he was a forward. It was time for a penalty kick. Penalty kicks are made about 75% of the time leaving room for error.

Kenne! Kenne! Ven! Ven!

The team captain called Kenny to shoot the penalty kick. It would be his first goal in Argentina. But the difference between winning and losing took its toll. Kenny lined the ball up, looked the goalie straight in his eye, walked back, turned around, ran forward and blasted the ball to the right top side of the goal, at practically supersonic speed. The problem is that it didnt go in. It hit the top of the side bar, the left of the crossbar, bounced down so freaking hard that it bounced back up and deflected of the crossbar, to the out.

Kenny went full speed for the ball, still in play. Theres no time to think, when youre at it. The ball was out and Kenny went to strike it in, with his right leg, but the goalie got there quicker, and when Kenny pulled back, he hurt himself. He hurt his leg stopping the motion, rolled and tumbled like a pro, and just laid there. A true catastrophe.

Tino Escudero was watching from the sidelines. He ran onto the field.


Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 9:57 a.m.

The referee blew his whistle, and yelled at Tino

Get off of the field. Tino noticed that Kenny had a leg strain of undetermined severity. He turned towards the referee and yelled

That went in!

The purpose was to make the referee approach him, which he did. And, to boot, the referee approached him blowing his whistle and extending his arm while pointing his finger.

Tino grabbed the whistle out of his mouth, turned the string, stuffed the whistle back in his mouth, pushed him to the ground, pulled out a pistol and surveyed the situation. The referee scrambled out of the picture as Tino calmly surveyed the crowd for opposition.


Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 1:29 p.m.

Tino went to Kenny, looked at the ref, and said

"Can you get up?"

Kenny just groaned and rolled over, he was f'd up big time. People think it's all an act, but the true fact of the matter is that soccer is a serious contact sport, and sometimes you can't just get get up after a hit.

Tino put his pistol away, strode toward the ref and said

"Levantalo." (Pick him up.)

The ref looked at Tino like 'you're a screwed up person, and even though I can't tell you, you still are.'

The ref went to Kenny, and the goalie went to Kenny, and between the two, Kenny got up, but there was no chance of going on in this game. Kenny was hangdog, he dragged his ass off the field. Not only had he missed a penalty shot, he'd missed the follow up opportunity and injured himself. It was his first game ending injury, and how do you deal with that as a young man, especially when you're far away from home. Kenny shook his head, and turned his mind off.

In the car, a late model Peugeout, Tino said

"I don't think you're hurt that bad. When you stop too hard, you're out for awhile. I've never heard of anyone getting hurt permanently from not knowing how to stop. We work your mental attitude right now. That's where the pain is."

Tino reached over and caressed Kenny's face, then gave it a light slap, then looked back at the road as he drove. Kenny wasn't saying anything. His first opportunity to score a goal in Argentina, squandered. He knew in his mind that taking the full blown shot to the edge wasn't always successful. Where he really felt bad, young genius that he was, was in the follow up. He should have chipped in, but he wanted to do his usual, and 2where did it land him. On the injury list. Kenny wanted to cry. Tino said

"The purpose of playing is to learn. That's the purpose."

Tino patted him on the back, then grabbed him around the back of his neck and shook it lightly.

"Come on Kenwort, it's part of the game."

Robert Hagen May 30, 2012 @ 1:49 p.m.

Tino's cell phone let off a howl. He grabbed it, looked at it to make sure, and realized that he was on red alert. That meant reporting to the base immediately. It meant war. Tino exhaled, gently stepped on the gas, and considered his options. He said

 "Boy, I just got a call from headquarters. You have your passport?"

Tino's idea was to put him on a plane straight back to the U.S.

No. said Kenny.

 "I tell you, carry your passport at all times." hissed Tino. He couldn't help it. Now that mattered.

"I don't want to lose it. I might forget it, it might get stolen. I don't carry my passport around." mumbled Kenny.

"That's the same reason you missed the penalty kick. Pride. Well, I would tell you to checklist, but life is not a checklist. I'm on assignment now, and you are excess baggage."

Kenny's eyes widened, and he saw how fast Tino was going.

"I'm not excess baggage. Where are you going?"

"To my base! There is a threat of war!"

Tino rounded a turn at high speed. Kenny felt even more sick than he felt before, but yet a little more composed. Emergencies will do that to you.

Kenny realized he was headed straight for the base of the Buzos Tacticos of Argentina. Tino stepped on the gas a little more:


Robert Hagen June 3, 2012 @ 1:21 a.m.

Kenny reached in his pocket, and clicked his cell phone buttons to reach Evan Will. Kenny thought Tino was way cool, but this was the second time he'd pulled out a gun at one of Kenny's soccer matches, and if he was talking about some South American war, then screw it. Evan had always told him,

'If you ever need me, call me and I'm by your side.'


Robert Hagen June 6, 2012 @ 1:46 p.m.

Evan's cell phone rang. He picked up as he was crossing the Coronado bridge, at reasonable speed.

"Yeah, Kenny. Where are you?"

"Evan, there's war kicking off in South America. Tino's driving like a fricking maniac."

"Put him on the phone."

Kenny told Tino

"I called Evan Will and he wants to talk to you."

Tino snatched the phone from Kenny, made a maneuver in his Peugeot and said

"Evan, I'm very busy right now. The boy will take the next flight to Los Angeles. I trust this is the reason you wish to speak."

Tino, Buenos Aires police detective that he was, stomped on his brakes in anticipation of another hurried driver.

Evan answered

"He called me."

"Yeah. Kids. Cell phones. Is there anything else you wish to discuss? I'm driving, and cell phone use while driving is a distraction." replied Tino, stomping on the gas as he saw an opening. He was practically to base.

Evan descended the bridge and entered into Coronado, at safe speed. Don't screw it up once you're already there.

"How come you're on red alert?"

"I find out soon. The boy with me. Copy out." said Tino, hanging up the phone and tossing it back to Kenny. He was hauling ass through the streets of Buenos Aires, and while his Peugeot may not have had the pick up speed of Evan Taurus, it was plenty nimble. Tino turned on no siren. Faster not to...


Robert Hagen June 9, 2012 @ 1 a.m.

"So you have have the famous Evan Will on speed dial, eh?" said Tino to Kenny.

"I've had that for a long time. But recently he asked me to stay in touch."

"That's fine. It's a must, really."

"I heard on the web that Evan Will is going to kick you in the nuts if it comes down to that."

Tino had to laugh.

"Boy, you make my day! Where you see that? Tweeter?"

"Actually, yes."

"Evan Will may try to kick me in the nuts, and I respect his fighting ability. Smarts, boy. Have them. He will drink his own piss if he screws with me."

Tino whipped out the back end of the Peuguoet as he turned into his base. And who should he see but some Argentine Marines, with 12 gauge shot guns. In Argentina, they're called amphibious commandos:


Robert Hagen June 13, 2012 @ 11:40 p.m.

They stopped at the check point, and Tino displayed identification. The guard called it in, verified it, and passed him on.

"Come with me, Kenwort." said Tino as he exited the vehicle and headed for a barrel shaped barracks. Young Kenny scrambled out of the car, then winced as he stepped onto his injured thigh. His hamstring was pulled, and not from starting a kick, but rather from pulling it back at the last millisecond. He hobbled after Tino.

They entered the unassuming barracks and passed several Argentine sailors. They approached an office, a Captain's office, and stood at the open door.

"Enter and be seated." said Captain Villa, a commander of Argentine buzos tacticos, and no particular fan of Tino Escudero, in Spanish.

Tino saluted, and sat down. Kenny limped to the other chair, staring at Captain Villa, who said


"This is my son." said Tino Escudero.

"Detective Escudero, our nation has come to the arrival that an object some 250 meters underneath the surface of Lake Titicaca is emitting a beacon which both can be detected worldwide, and is of a technology that, at least, our best scientists, cannot comprehend the method of."

Captain Villa looked Tino in the eye, and said


"There's no war?" asked Tino.

"No. We have an extremely unusual situation. For all we know, the technology could be from another planet. The plan is for you to make turns directly for Titicaca, dive there, and report back. Your flight should leave within an hour or so. We await airspace clearance and government permissions. Should the appropriate permissions not arrive, you depart in 90 minutes."

"The complement?" asked Tino.

"Brazilians. You'll go with an Argentine science officer, stop in Sao Paulo, and gain your complement."

"Sir, may I ask why?"

"For political, legal and scientific advantages, you simpleton."

"Very well. My son must be placed on a flight back to his home."


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Evan Will pulled his brand spanking new Ford Taurus up to the gate of North Island Naval Air Station, rolled down his window, and told the sentry "Evan Will, reporting for duty."


Robert Hagen June 14, 2012 @ 10:29 p.m.

"Yeah, you're Evan Will alright. I've seen you on tv. Stay put, I'll be right back." said the sentry. He called it in, turned and waved Evan and Bingo on.

Evan drove straight to HQ, parked and entered with Bingo. An attache was there. He said

"Follow me." They strode through the gleaming walls of the HQ to a situation room. The attache stopped, and gestured 'go forth', turned on a dime, and returned to his duties.

"Evan. Bingo. Come in." The U.S. Navy Admiral beckoned them. They came to an immediate salute, which was returned, and entered the room. It was alive with multiple flat screens, most of which were transmitting information from other countries.

"Be seated. Put on your seat belts." said the Admiral gravely, hands behind his back, striding behind a desk. He took a pause. Then he turned and looked both of them straight in their eyes. He turned away. He paced a bit more, letting the moment sink in. He said

"An advanced hailing device is currently transmitting from beneath Lake Titicaca, in Peru. Clearly it is of extra terrestrial origin. It is to be expected that special forces groups from around the world will soon descend upon it, in order to investigate. Every effort is being made to translate the coded messages it is sending. Currently, there is one clear passage that is being hailed."

Evan Will gulped involuntarily, and turned toward Bingo, who was detectably stiffening in his seat.

Evan asked

"Admiral, may I ask as to the nature of the message?"

"It reads 'Time is of the essence.'"


Robert Hagen June 14, 2012 @ 10:44 p.m.

Bingo cleared his throat lightly and said

"Admiral, if I may, that sounds rather cryptic."

"It certainly does, Marine. Both of you will dive in short course for the point of transmission. In order to decipher whatever you may find, you'll tow in dive three of our finest analysts. They are physicists. One is from the Army, another from the Navy and another from the CIA, and they've been working together for some time. Your mission will be to get them from A to B safely. It's of paramount importance."

"Admiral, Dilbert nerds?" whispered Evan Will.

"You'll do well to guard your tongue in my presence, Mr. Will. Your antics are well known to me, and I will not be spoken to that way under any circumstances."

"I apologize." whispered Evan Will.

"Regardless of your current civilian status, Mr. Will, you shall observe every protocol as if you were in the military. These are two young men and one young women. You'll meet them soon."


Robert Hagen June 15, 2012 @ 2:20 p.m.

The Admiral continued

"This is a scientific mission of paramount importance. I expect your best, and understand the strange nature of the mission. Expect full support. If I could, I would go with you. Sometimes the missions that we undertake are daunting, but as long as we remember who we are, we have the appropriate basis from which to address the question. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Admiral." said Evan and Bingo in unison.

"Good luck and God speed." said the Admiral.

A naval aviator appeared at the door way. The Admiral looked at him.

"Admiral, we have transport as ordered."


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