We moved here just over ten years ago from the Seattle area of Washington State. My wife and I and our kids are 'white as snow' Americans doing missions work here in Tijuana and throughout many other parts of Baja and the mainland of Mexico. When we arrived at the International Border crossing at San Ysidro all we had to do then was say we were US citizens and they would allow us to pass without difficulty. As all other travelers know now you must produce the correct documents in order to pass. We eventually got the SENTRI pass when the price dropped dramatically in 2006 or 2007. I can't remember which.

Like I said we are missionaries and every night after a church service we would stop at a local street taco vendor and have a late dinner. We were kind of at the mercy of the people assisting us at the time. We would have to go where they wanted to go and so on. So, our favorite Taco's were from Taco's El Gallo next to the big Catholic church there right on the main strip of la Villa, Blvd Abraham Gonzalez. There is nothing like Taco's in Tijuana. In Francisco Villa there are many Taco stands. we have since ventured out on our own and have established our fav's and dislikes here and there. I like Barbacoa for a breakfast taco. Paisa Taco's in front of Soriana's parking lot is the best Barbacoa. Taco's Meno across the street has really good carne asada taco's and quesadillas. Taco's La Villa (across from El Gallo) has good tongue taco's and tripas. I know you have probably heard that the best Chinese food is in Mexicali, but in Francisco Villa, China BBQ is wonderful...inexpensive and very, very polite and hospitable. Sorry this turned into a food entry. I will do more on our short history soon here in La Villa. DLB.......baja h4xor


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