It's not your every day idea Some folks will be put out, but this county's going to pieces this no one has a doubt. So one step at a time as my Grandma used to say is how to solve the biggest problems in a very simple way. We all took out our credit cards and got ourselves in debt, now it's time to help our Uncle cause he's in a mighty sweat. The heck with politicians and their cutting this and that. let's take this bill in our own hands and get our country back. What say we have some clean up days and look into our homes, sure there's stuff that you don't want but someone else would love to own. And what if every town declared a day for Uncle Sam and spent some time together to help out the old man. Why, I do believe we all could get a chance to be a part of what some of us grew up with, America with a heart. Please don't complain of taxes or how bad a deal we get, cause it's you and me and everyone that created this huge debt. And maybe, yes just maybe we'll get back our self esteem, and bring back what we used to have, America the dream. So gather all you people, every age can lend a hand, let's bring back some kindness and make a better land. It's hard to stay too angry when you're acting from your heart, what a gift to give our children, what a simple way to start. Susie Harris 2009

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fuzzywuzznt March 15, 2009 @ 9:55 a.m.

aaaaaaah, more wisdom from the witch, and since i'm 1 step from homeless like 100 million more, i'm putting a for sale, "donate to my uncle" sign out.....any body else with me?


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